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Dennis Ligon

Hi, I am Dennis Ligon, owner of Sundays Blue Box Tanning Resorts which is the largest chain of tanning salons in the Mid-Atlantic. I want to share with you an amazing opportunity that gives you the opportunity to increase your profits. I am not going to fill you with fluff but a proven product that can increase your profits.

For nearly two decades I have worked to provide Virginia Beach and the Hampton Roads with quality tanning by setting up clean stores with friendly staff, great locations and top of the line beds and booths.

The hard work paid off! Since opening my first store sixteen years ago, I now have ten locations all over Hampton Roads and we are consistently voted the "Best of Hampton Roads" by the Virginian Pilot reader surveys.

It is not easy to stay at the top. Sundays Blue Box is a great place to tan, but we look for new ways to keep customers happy and grow our bottom line profits.

I know my members are concerned about their appearance and overall health. That's why we offer an amazing health energy drink call Verve instead of fattening soft drinks. The taste is awesome and comes in sugar free and full of nutrition and antioxidants. In fact, one Verve has the nutritional value of 4 grocery bags of fruits and veggies. Just one can a day helps you feel younger and more energized. Drinking a cold Verve is a great way to refresh after a tanning session. I guarantee once your customers try Verve they will definitely keep buying Verve each time they tan.

How do I know this?

  • Sunday Blue Box members love Verve!
  • My retail profits from Verve speak for itself. Sundays Blue Box retails between 1,000 to 1,200 units of Verve each month. *
  • My residual income from repeat orders also speaks for itself. Not only can you make money from the retail side you can create a large monthly residual income from your customer base.*
  • My tanning salon employees love the product as well and are excited about their future because they are building a residual income as well.
  • During the slow periods of the year Verve sales provides the extra profit I am looking for to turn a good year into a great year! *

Want to learn more about Vemma? Check out the Vemma products.

*Results not typical, you may not do as well.

How would you like to promote a more active lifestyle, meet great people, and have the opportunity to make lots of money doing it?
Now is the time to take control of your income by getting involved in the growing world of energy drink distribution. Energy drinks account for five billion dollars in US beverage sales annually. THIS NUMBER IS EXPECTED TO DOUBLE NEXT YEAR!

If you love working with people and are enthusiastic about good health you are entitled to a piece of the action.

You have a captive audience so why not take advantage of it?
By becoming an official Vemma Verve distributor through our exclusive network you can have the opportunity to increase your net profit each month!

Get involved today to get on the fast-track toward sharing this popular, amazingly healthy energy drink, and earning the life you've always wanted.

"Once my customers tried Verve and learned how healthy it was for them, how good it tastes, and how much more energy they have - they were hooked!"
We live in a health-conscious society. People want to become healthier and make better choices when it comes to diet and nutrition. Businesses are changing to meet the demand for healthier products and you should to! If you're looking for a great item to sell at your tanning salon you won't find a better nutritious energy drink than Verve!

Unlike sugary diet sodas, Verve is packed with the vitamins and minerals a body needs. Verve contains mangosteen, a powerful "superfruit" high in antioxidants and nutrition.

Just one can of Verve a day provides you with more nutrition than most people can eat in one day.
In fact, one can of Verve has the nutritional value of 4 grocery bags of fruits and veggies. CRAZY but TRUE! Verve is loaded with Vitamin C, folic acid, Vitamin E, Vitamin B-12, Niacin, Iron, Riboflavin, Vitamin D, Vitamin B-6 plus much more. Not to mention Verve has an ORAC value that is off the charts. Oh by the way... Verve tastes great!

Some of the many benefits include:
  • Creates Abundant Energy*
  • Maintains Healthy Eyes, Skin, and Hair*
  • Boosts Your Immune System*
  • Supports a Healthy Digestive System*
  • Protects and Supports a Healthy Heart*
  • Fights Damaging FREE Radicals*
* these statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not indented to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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Income results may vary. Verve is not intended to treat or cure disease.
*Results not typical, you may not do as well.

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Travis Tillson
Virginia Beach, VA
Tanning Salon Manager
"Verve sells like hot cakes! Our clients love Verve and ask for it when they come it to tan."

Angela Maresca
Virginia Beach, VA
Tanning Salon Manager
"Not only do I love Verve our tanners do to!"

Sharon Spicer
Tanning Salon Manager
"There is NO risk and there is unlimited income potential!"

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